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How Flexible is Your Information?

Good information has to be accessible & accurate.

Your information should travel with you.

PyRIGHT gives you access to the entirety of your operational data from anywhere in the world on just about any computer.

PyRIGHT converts all dates and times to your current time-zone so there is no ambiguity about when an action or event took place.

If your data changes all copies of that data should reflect those changes.

PyRIGHT is a single point of access to your operational data. Any changes made here will be viewable immediately to all other users. With conventional documents you can never be sure which version of a document your employees or clients are referencing.

How Controllable is Your Information?

An emailed document is an uncontrollable document.

Only authorized individuals should have access to your data.

PyRIGHT requires all viewers of your data to have valid and active user accounts. If an individual doesn't have a valid login, they can't access your data.

PyRIGHT protects your data with 256-Bit encryption, the same encryption used by your bank.

Users need access to different sets of information.

PyRIGHT offers over 16 Million privilege configurations so you can be sure users see only what they should.

Access to a document should be revokable.

If you decide someone should no longer have access to sensitive information, you can change their account privileges or disable their account all together.

Does Your Current Data Workflow Make Sense?

The right tool can save you time and money.

Stop managing worksheets.

PyRIGHT offers an intuitive workflow that mirrors your company's operations. Create client orders; manage available products; take orders online; place factory orders; manage production, certifications, and warehousing; ship and track orders, all in real-time with just a few clicks. Conventional documents need to be found, opened, edited, saved, and shared.

PyRIGHT turns ordinary data into smart data.

PyRIGHT uses a system of checks and balances to make sure you never allocate more product to a client than he or she ordered. PyRIGHT also eliminates surplus product by allowing you to only order from factories what your clients ordered from you.

You should only have to manually do what a machine can't.

PyRIGHT generates product lists, packing lists, invoices, and order summaries in just one click.

PyRIGHT uses advanced algorithms to optimally pack containers and tell you if you are over-packing, under-packing, or optimally-packing.

Will You Lose Valuable Data if Your Computer Crashes?

Your data should be robust against crashes, accidental deletion, and corruption.

Your data should always be available.

PyRIGHT creates daily backups of your data and can revert to the latest copy in just a few minutes in the unlikely event of an error.

PyRIGHT offers a high-availability service with multiple redundant servers located in multiple data centers throughout the world.

Feature Comparison

Feature PyRIGHT Excel Google Docs Paper
256-Bit Encryption X X
Real-Time Notifications X X
Access Control X X
Optimal Container Packing X
Accessible from Anywhere X X
Time-Zone Control X