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Getting Started Getting Started

CSV Importing

csv import

Excel to CSV

Convert your existing Excel documents to CSV files, then upload your entire operation in just a few seconds.

csv template

CSV Templates

Downloadable CSV templates take the guess-work out of formatting and allows copy and pasting of existing data.

csv message

Helpful Messages

The CSV importing tool responds with helpful messages and line numbers if an error is encountered.

Professional Setup

On-Site Setup with Privacy In-Mind

We fly to your office and setup PyRIGHT from your existing documents. There's no need to email sensitive files and you can be sure the data is entered accurately and completely.

Professional Training

On-Site Training by Professional Instructors

Our instructors fly to your office and train your staff on the PyRIGHT system. Request multiple instructors or have us stay multiple days.

Each instructor can train up to 6 employees a day.