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We're a small company built on the right principles: quality, service, and innovation. We're a small company built on the right principles: quality, service, and innovation.

From the Beginning

PyRIGHT was founded during the summer of 2010 by Alexander Wong to answer the informational needs of the fireworks industry and was the first and only pyrotechnic operation management system.

At the time, Alex was an undergraduate pursuing a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at UC Berkeley in his third and final year. At UC Berkeley, Alex studied security, databases, and efficient algorithms under industry experts. Between classes, Alex built web-applications, consulted startups on database and user-interface design, and taught the first-ever web-design DeCal, a student-run democratic education program at UC Berkeley, that enrolled 45 students a semester.

Shaped by these prior experiences, PyRIGHT has always focused heavily on intuitive user-interface; security consciousness; efficient data retrieval and manipulation; and data robustness.

Since its incorporation, PyRIGHT's business model has been to offer a quality product backed by excellent customer service that not only meets current industry needs but anticipates future ones.

Our Goals

Our goal is to revolutionize the fireworks industry. To give employees, managers, and owners their weekends back. To facilitate honest business between East and West. To create efficiency where possible and minimize waste. To focus expensive resources on the parts of your operation that need them most.

Ultimately, to allow your current operation to expand without the complications and costs of hiring and managing additional labor. Accomplish more by fully-utilizing your company's resources now.

A Promise to You

In order to reach our goals we need your help. In return we promise to provide a quality product that not only excels at its current tasks but anticipates your future needs.

Striving for Perfection

If PyRIGHT is not the most intuitive and helpful software you’ve ever used we’d like to hear about it. If PyRIGHT lacks a feature that is essential for your company's success we’ll add it and pay you for your insight.

Plans for the Future

The first version of PyRIGHT catered to brokers and importers, individuals who dealt factory direct, but future versions of PyRIGHT will target wholesalers as well as retailers. Ultimately, PyRIGHT aims to provide software for each sector of the fireworks industry and utilize this network to create even greater efficiencies in the industry by allowing data to automatically populate up and down the supply chain. Our philosophy is that expensive labor should only be involved in managing parts of your operation that cannot be automated by an accurate, cheap, highly-available machine.